Friendship Garden Trail


Friendship Garden Trail - First Lookout

So firstly if you ever see me recommend a hike you can betcha that its beginner level - that's my happy place! :D
We have started making Fridays - Hikedays! Because its the only day that works with our busy work schedule, so as long as I'm motivated (eep) you can expect hiking pictures incoming!

Friendship Garden (linked to the homepage)
Great little family hike! Not too long at all, took us about an hour total but we dawdled at the first lookout (imagine me finding a branch to hang my camera on and trying and boss my family to let me take a group shot, but look at those little flushed cheeks! totally worth it!)

Its really easy going up till the first lookout and beautiful view (first pic bellow) then if you want to go up to the second lookout it can get pretty muddy, and there's sections of long (itchy) grass, but pretty satisfying and made me feel hard core (lol) its only a small section of the trail and can easily stop at the first lookout if you have small feet in your crew.
Happy we did this short trail, and would recommend it for a quick little family adventure like ours!

Friendship garden trail kaneohe
view from the first lookout
the second section of the trail - the part you can avoid.
The main trail - its all pretty straightforward like this until the first lookout. 
Until next time! 

Honolulu here we come!


It might sound funny to say a trip to Honolulu is an outing for us considering we live on Oahu! But as life with two boys and a hubby who would much rather climb a mountain or go swimming it doesn't actually happen that often! 

But every so often we get itchy feet for a bit of a romp around the city, checking out all the shops, visiting Alo Moana shopping Center and spending too much money, then come home more exhausted then any other outing we do! 

This trip was actually on my 12 wedding anniversary! (yikes!!!) one guess who chose shopping.
Our pit stop at Banan was a hundred percent for the boys .. ok maybe a bit for all of us.

A dead give away how often we go to Alo Moana Center, we relied on this map to get anywhere!

I couldn't keep up with their one pointed focus on getting to the Lego Store... 

Why I kept lagging behind..  all these shops to peek into.  How cool are these vintage sewing machines!
Top floor of Alo Moana Shopping Center

hehe Such a unique sense of style! Kishan LOVES his "braces"

Banan Bowls food truck in Honolulu. look at their yummy desserts!

I admit I didn't actually have one! but they all looked amazing. I wondered off for a bit so managed to miss getting a pic of when the cups were all full, but happy to find a guilt free treat stop for the kids.

Christmas Baking


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

I hadn't planned to make Christmas cookies this year, but when Kahna begged and even produced a recipe for me, how could I refuse? ... and I'm so glad I didn't, and I can even say that with the kitchen cleanup still fresh in my memory.
Both my boys love to help in the kitchen, they would never think to poor themselves cereal for breakdast but will bust out piles of flour (imagine the mess that comes with that) and create a pizza from scratch, maybe just to keep me scratching my head.

Kahna's main motivation in wanting to make Christmas cookies was he wanted to give them to the neighbors and our post lady (coz we might have the nicest postal lady everrrr)
Then he decided to be shy when it came to delivering them and hid behind his brother shoving him forward with the wrapped goodies. What a duo!

Kahna had this genius idea to use his shate gloves to stir the huge bowl of cookie dough, said it made it a cinch! 

we found the trick to getting them up easily without damaging the shape was to have the perfect amount of flour down, not too much and not too little!

Impressed with their own work :D

Toothpicks worked well for drawing icing details.

Colorful cookies!
They chose their favorite looking cookies to offer to Krishna Christmas morning!       MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Lord Chaitanya & the Animals - Craft Fun!


Lord Chaitany and the Animals!

There is a beautiful story of Lord Chaitanya walking in the forest and the animals chanting Krishna’s names. There are quite a few beautiful little songs about this pastime, one of my favorite (from my childhood so forgive me if you know this one a little differently!) goes like this…

When Lord Chaitanya went for a walk
All the animals started to talk
They did talk and they did say
Krishna Krishna Krishna Hey!
The tiger and the deer did meet
They hugged and kissed and touched the Lords lotus feet
And they did chant and they did say
Krishna Krishna Krishna Hey!

The story tells us about Lord Chaitanya walking thru the forest and seeing the animals asked them to chant the names of the Lord.
The animals overcome with ecstasy began to dance and chant the names of Krishna in their own way. Even the tiger and deer who are normally enemies hugged, and touching mouths, they began to kiss!
When Lord Chaitanya saw the tigers and deer following Him, He remembered Vrindavan, and said this verse,
“Vrindavan is the transcendental abode of the Lord. There is no hunger, anger or thirst there. Although humans and fierce animals are usually enemies, in Vrindavan they live together in transcendental friendship”

It is such a sweet little story and one that we have always enjoyed reading about (and singing little songs about!) that I thought it would be fun to do a little craft activity centered around this pastime.
This is when I discovered how handy google clip art can be! Hehe
I drew this simple picture of Lord Chaitanya dancing and just printed out all these animals from google! (talk about a quick and easy cheat!)
Kids had lots of fun with this one.
They actually picked a few small branches from the yard and did a little puppet show with them!
My boys have a pretty short attention span these days when it comes to arts and crafts, so this one was a simple quick little project that gave us all lots of laughs.

And because you can't just hear about how fun chanting the names of the Lord is without wanting to have a go too! This is where their playtime led them.

Jumping like the deer and tigers as he says - Krishna Krishna Krishna Hey!

Magic Island Shenanigans


Magic Island Shenanigans

Ho-hum I’ll skim right over the fact I haven’t dropped in to say Hi for a while.. Sometimes life gets in the way of my hobbies! But I’ve found some time to drop in  because this mummy likes to have her little creative escapes.

One of the perks to living on a beautiful island is that lots of family come to visit ‘you’, I love this and take advantage of it often.
My younger sister is visiting at the moment, so I popped a dreaded selfie into this line up, because I realized my older sister came and went without so much as an Instagram post of her! (this is what happens when you are preoccupied with giggles, and both detest being in front of the camera) so lesson learnt! From now on I’m going to pull out a dreaded selfie when someone comes to stay.

how beautiful does Honolulu city look from Magic Island beach! 
every visit means hunting out the perfect playing stick - (with friends stricko108  & vrinnies_kitchen )
the beautiful water of Hawaii!
there's always at least one sulking moment
friends again

Magic Island.

That’s where these photos are from. I recommend visiting this spot (you will find me there often, sorry for the rowdy kids if you happen to visit the same day I am there)

Wishing you all the best.

Namaste, Devaki. 

palm trees and the ocean - I can never see too much of this combo
my sister borrowing my favorite hat (just so happens she also made it - lol)
I love when these shower trees are blooming - to me it is Hawaii's version of a blossom tree.